About Masti

Fun. Indian. Street Eats



MASTI (means ‘fun’ in Hindi) offers Indian street food in a modern, colorful, yet approachable environment. We created MASTI because we believe that some of the most innovative, delicious food comes from the real vendors on the street. Stop by and enjoy an exciting trip through the streets of India.

Ricky Walia

Our Visionary

Co-Founder : WHG

Chief Operating Officer

For the past 15 Years Ricky Walia has learned the hospitality business from all angles and holds the position of Managing Director of Walia Hospitality Group. He was awarded “Entrepreneur of the Year” by Desi Express Magazine, 2014. He is much focused that company needs to stay open to new technologies and realize the business is always evolving.


Ricky travelled the streets of India North & South in search for the real street food, making many friends and meeting many donkeys along the way, he captured many special road side recipes to bring back in Atlanta.

Jay Walia

Our Leader

Founder : WHG

Chief Executive Officer

Can you imagine starting a business that will be around 100 years from now? Jay Walia, the Founder of Walia Group of Companies who imagined, initiated and successfully running all companies under this group. Jay & Ricky Walia have plans for continue expansion into more regions across the nation. They Plan to bring more Live Concerts, more restaurants, more lounges in Atlanta.

Owned and

Operated by

Walia Hospitality



Our mission was made clear from the beginning; we respect the relationships of our clients, value their requirements, and strive to achieve maximum profitability by maintaining a quality operation. By effectively creating and implementing new dishes and services we will achieve our vision to become best-in-class across every vertical. The best service of Walia Hospitality will produce truly memorable customer experiences that differentiate our brands from the competition.